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Last week I had two fantastic consulting calls. One of which, is a great example of how thinking small can lead to huge leaps forward in creativity, uniqueness, and purpose.

On Friday, I worked with Flavia, a food blogger with a site called, Flavia’s Flavors. Below, she shares how our consultation helped her narrow in and think “smaller” than the food blogging community at large, to reveal her true purpose and much smaller niche of Italian food blogging. I’m so excited to see her take her blog in this new direction and thank her for what has become, an incredibly kind testimonial along the way.

It was a joy to work with her and I’m so thankful I got to help her find her true purpose with food blogging.

Overall, the takeaway here is to really think smaller in terms of your industry and your place in it in order to reach a greater audience and have a deeper impact.


Flavia’s Revelations

by Flavia S.

For a while now, I’ve been feeling ambivalent about my blog and blogging in general. I love having my own website where I can share recipes, photographs and stories with you, but I’ve been feeling “lost in the shuffle” of the blogging world. I feel like I’m struggling more often with providing you with consistently good content. There have been days where I didn’t even want to look at my blog or even acknowledge its existence. I’ve fallen into the trap of putting an unreasonable amount of pressure on myself based on what I see other bloggers doing, rather than focusing on what I want to be doing with my blog.

So, last week, I made the decision to get a little help and guidance from a new friend. I invested in some consulting from Jessica Constable of Jess LC. I have been following Jess on Twitter and reading her blog for almost a year and I admire her philosophy of leading both your life and your business with intention. It has been a pleasure getting to know her through our conversations on Twitter and on our respective blogs. Her blog posts are always thoughtfully written and encouraging. This recent post of hers was the catalyst for me to make the decision to get her insight on why I’m feeling “stuck” with my blog. I knew she was the right person to give me the guidance I needed. Speaking with Jess one-on-one was one of the best investments I made for myself and my blog. We focused our discussion on honing in on the purpose of my blog, looked at what’s working and what needs tweaking, and from there we were able to zero in on why I’ve been feeling challenged with blogging.

I can’t believe how much I learned in an hour and a half. I took 4 full pages of notes! Jess gave me ideas for blog posts and told me that it’s OK to give myself permission to abandon ideas for my blog that I don’t think would work. I also discovered that the bulk of my writing talent lies in teaching and explaining rather than story-telling {hence the constant struggle to write a good story for every post}. She even came up with a tag line for my blog {something I’ve always wanted but could never figure out}!

The biggest realization I came to is that I haven’t been bringing you the content that I’ve always wanted to bring you because I’ve been stuck in the keeping-up-with-other-bloggers trap for so long. Now that I’ve been freed from that cage, I’m very excited to tell you that going forward, Flavia’s Flavors will be focusing on Italian food and recipes. I used to think that getting specific with a blog theme would be limiting, and maybe for some people it is. For me, “niching down” is liberating. To know that from now on, I’ll be sharing the food and recipes that I know and love the most has me very excited. You may still see a smattering of American recipes, but as my new tag line says, Flavia’s Flavors will be bringing you “a taste of Italy in your American kitchen” from here on out.


(And in other news… there are just two days left to sign up for the Chicago Business with Intention workshop.)

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  • Flavia says:

    Thank you so very much for the mention, Jess. Our call left me feeling so much clearer about the purpose of my blog and I am so excited to take it in a new direction. Your excitement, insight and encouragement helped me immensely. Hope we can meet someday so I can thank you in person. :)

  • Jess says:

    Flavia, you are most welcome!!

  • kimmie says:

    New to your site and this was such an inspiring post! I’m in the process of revamping my blog bc I too felt like I wasn’t giving the best content I could give because I was starting to focus too much on others in the community and what we “should” be blogging about in order to grow our brand. i’m done with that and going back to my original thought process and back to who i am with a little more focus; My blog doesn’t have to be everything to everyone and this post just confirmed it! :)

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